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Leading a Ride

Thank you for being a ride leader. Ride leaders are the life blood of the club and your efforts are greatly appreciated. We hold special social events for Ride Leaders so we cn get to know each other, have fun and share experience on what works as a Ride Leader.

Ride leader basic responsibilities and guidelines can be reviewed in the documents below. Any questions about leading a ride? Ask the SCCCC Ride Director.


How to lead a ride: planning

1) Read through the Ride Leader Guidelines
2) Choose a pre-made route or create your own! You can find pre-made routes in our Rides Library or at our SCCCCC RidewGPS library where you can also create your own route if you wish.

3) Two to three days befoere your ride send an email to the Rides & Events Forum outlining your ride.

Here is an example of Ride Announcement email with the basic information you should include:

Saturday September 25th
Meet at Felton Fair Shopping Center. Pre-ride huddle at 8:55 a.m. Roll at 9 a.m.
Please arrive in plenty of time to be ready to for pre-ride huddle and on-time rollout.
Please print your own route sheets.

 A Route click here 59 miles and 5,300 ft: Zayante, Bear, hwy 9, hwy 236, hwy 9

 B Route click here 34 miles and 3,000 feet elevation gain. Zayante, Summit, Bear Creek, Hwy 9

A and A+ routes will stop for snacks and restrooms at Big Basin HQ area.

We will meet at Cowboy Grill afterward for delicious eats & beverages and great company!! See route directions for location.

As always: Make sure to bring cell phone, ID, plenty of snacks/hydration, pre-check your bike for good operating condition and have your tool kit, spare tubes and frame pump with you. Make sure you buddy up with someone who will be riding at your pace. If you are new to the group, please let the Ride Leader know!

Your ride leaders are:
A Route: [name]
B Route: [name]

4) If you are so inclined, your riders love to see a post-ride recap with photos in our SCCCC Facebook group!!

BRING Liability Waivers WITH YOU!!!

You must bring the Liability Waiver forms on the day of the ride. ALL riders must sign in order to participate:
Rider Waiver Form Print 3 copies to make sure you have enough. There is a Member sign in and a Guest sign in for non-members.

Minor Waiver Form Print 2 copies of the Minor Waiver in case any Minors show up.

These Waivers protect you and the club! We highly recommend you carry them with you during the ride so you  have riders contact info should you need it.

Deliver Ride Waivers to Club President

Mail the copies of the signed waiver forms to: SCCCC, Attn: Club President, P.O. Box 8342, Santa Cruz, CA  95061-8342

-OR- deliver in person anytime as long a it's soon after your ride.

Incident reports

If there's an accident during the ride, the club insurance can help riders with Excess Medical costs. You will need to fill out the incident report. Please also contact

File Incident Report ONLINE

Incident Report Instructions - Read if questions filling out ONLINE Incident Report (Do not mail to address in this document - out of date !) 

If you would like to print out an Incident Report and mail - follow instructions listed on page 6 of this packet. Print and fill out pages 4 and 5 (correct mailing address on page 6). League of American Bicyclists packet