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Ride Leader Guidelines

All riders must wear helmets and may not wear headphones or earbuds. This is SCCCC Policy. Please kindly inform any rider without a helmet or who is unwilling to remove the earbuds that they cannot be included in the ride due to SCCCC Policy.


Email the ride details to club members ( at least 2 days prior to the ride.


Print out Rider Waivers and Minor Waivers and Accident Report Form. Bring these to the ride start.


Print a few extra cue sheets in case Guests show up (your email should inform riders to print their own).


All participants must sign the Ride Waiver and include their contact info. Carry the Waiver with you on the ride so you have there contact info.


Hold a Briefing 5 minutes before ROLL out time:

  1. Introduce yourself as the Ride Leader and ask for any volunteers willing to help lead or sweep.
  2. Ask if there are any new members or guests present. Welcome them and ask them to introduce themselves to the group.
  3. Verify that all riders have signed the Ride Waiver
  4. Announce the regroup points and food stops/post-ride hangout locations. Announce your regroup policy and whether or not there will be a sweep for slower-paced riders.
  5. Remind Riders that they are subject to the California vehicle code and should be knowledgeable of it. Riders should be alert at all times and ride predictably using their signals and call outs.
  6. Ask that riders notify you or another rider before abandoning or deviating from the announced route.
  7. Advise that each rider is responsible for their own safety and should have the tools and ability to be self-sufficient should they get separated from the group and have difficulty.
  8. AFTER RIDE please send Ride Waiver to SCCCC, Attn: Treasurer, P.O. Box 8342, Santa Cruz, CA  95061-8342. These are important legal documents.


IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS about leading a ride or best-practices please contact the Rides Director or President. We are here to support you becoming an awesome Ride Leader!