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Leading a Ride

Thank you for being a ride leader. Ride leaders are the life blood of the club and your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

Ride leader responsibilities and guidelines can be reviewed in the documents below. Any questions about leading a ride? Ask the clubs ride director.


How to lead a ride: planning

First, read the Ride Leader Guidelines
Start by choosing your route. There are many pre-planned routes in the rides library, making your job much easier. Each ride has a ridewithGPS map, plus turn by turn directions via the 'W' icon. For Tuesday rides, the start point is predetermined by the club calendar. For Saturday rides you will choose the start point, which must be done well in advance to make it into the club calendar
At the latest, one day before the ride, send an email to the club mailing list outlining your ride: Provide a summary and remind everyone of the start point. Either attach a document with the turn directions, or link to the route so riders can download it themselves. Be clear about whether people should print their own route sheet, or if you will provide some (bring a few no matter what, just in case)

Documents to print

Besides route sheets, you must bring the insurance waiver form on the day of the ride:
We suggest you print 3 copies of the first page. The second page is required in the event of guests showing up.

Minor Waiver Form available if needed. 

After the ride

Mail the copies of the signed waiver forms to: SCCCC, Attn: Club President, P.O. Box 8342, Santa Cruz, CA  95061-8342
Incident reports
If there's an accident during the ride, the club insurance is there to help anyone hurt. You will need to fill out the incident report
Incident Report           Online Filing